FREE Inspirational Quotes!


Hi, everybody! Welcome to my page. As a way to celebrate my “initiation” into this new involvement with Teacher’s Pay Teachers, I want to inspire you to bring the humanities back to the classroom. In an age where “teaching to the test” is the considered the an acceptable mode of teaching, our students our losing or missing out completely on critical thinking skills. We CAN NOT allow this, and that is why I call on teachers to bring the humanities back to education… all disciplines and ESPECIALLY in science. When students see the relevancy of why they need to know what we teach, lights go and excitement abounds!

For  that reason, I am HUGE proponent of project-based learning.  Whether you plan a project on a large or small scale, this method of pedagogy easily allows you to group multiple teaching standards (whether your own core discipline or other disciplines, as well) into one lesson.  It’s a great way to collaborate cross-curriculum with your planned learning community, too.  For more information on how to start planning higher quality, engaging learning experiences for your students, go to the Buck Institutes web page here.

Also, don’t forget to check my TpT store and get a FREE download of some of my favorite inspirational quotes.

My first product contains some of my favorite quotes from my philosophers, including Socrates’ “I can not teach anybody anything, I can only make them think.” So check out the quality of my work, and feel free to print and hang around your classroom.  I hope you enjoy!


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