Pure Science Goodness!

img_20160914_211928Hey there, Science Teachers!  I finally did it.  I finally made some really awesome and
useful Learning Objective posters!  If you’re anything like me, then the vast number of standards we have to teach in for Middle School SCIENCE is entirely overwhelming.  I am the type of teacher who needs a complete road map for the year, so that I can properly plan WHAT I’m going to teach and in WHAT order I am going to teach it.  There must be a chronological, scaffolding flow.

To help me do that, I’ve created “I CAN…” statement poster/wall hangings.  First, I lay all the posters which are standard 8.5″ x 11″ paper to see them at once in order to figure out how I will group them for various projects.  Once that part of the planning is done, I can then simply take the appropriate poster(s) I need, and display them in the front of the room on the board for students to see out learning objective.  No more flipping back and forth between pages of a state document to see what you still need to cover.  No more wasting time writing long objectives on the board.

These posters also provide a quick, easy and effective way to show administrators, fellow teachers, and students what Florida Science Standards are being taught. The illustrations do more than just make the posters cute, they actually further enhance comprehension and effectiveness through detailed and unique visual examples. This resource is formatted to print 1 standard per page of standard sized printing paper.

Save a ton of time by buying our FULL PAGE SIZE pre-made Illustrated “I Can” Statements for the Florida Science Standards.  Check out my TpT store here and let the one more “middle school stress” melt away!  Also, if you know any K-5 teachers that could use an instructional aid like this, one of MY favorite sellers is Jason’s Online Classroom.  You can get “I CAN…” posters for science, as well as other disciplines, here.  I hope you enjoy all these products as much as I have and DO!

Once purchased, these Florida Standards Posters can be printed, laminated and used for years and years!! Buy once, use every single year


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